Seek Unordinary

Recently when planning a road trip, I searched the map for something interesting to stop and explore along the way, to bring interesting into an ordinary drive. I discovered the White Sands National Monument on one of our route options. I looked it up, and was intrigued. I had never heard of it. In order to include some adventure into our trip, we decided to stop and discover what it was all about. It ended up to be one of the highlights of our trip and one of the most amazing sights!

As we travel through the Christmas season this year, I challenge you to be aware of opportunities to really experience the season. Feel what others feel, see what others see. Seek out opportunities and focus on other’s needs. When we focus on others, it improves our disposition and outlook on life. It brings US cheer! Be adventurous and do something you have never done before, be it a volunteer experience, taking the time to see a display or performance in town, or simply slow down with family over a heartwarming movie. And don’t forget to see all the lights!
Life is not about getting gifts, it’s not about things. It’s about people and experiences. When we look back, we rarely remember the stuff we had, but we will relive the experiences over and over again.
And if you’re ever in West Texas stop by and see the White Sands National Monument!




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  1. Naomi says:

    Lisa, that was good advice. Keep it up! 🌼


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