The Total Money Makeover- book review

Total Money Makeover The Total Money Makeover | A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness | Dave Ramsey

Half (or more) of American’s do not have any savings. Should a small emergency arise today, even for $500, a majority of Americans would have to go into debt to cover that emergency. And not only have I read the statistics, I talk to people almost every day about money, and they tell me.

This book is an excellent motivator, and not only does it inspire the reader to change their perspective on money and get out of debt, it tells them how to do it.
Ironically, Dave Ramsey compares money challenges to health and weight challenges. And rightly so. I am challenged with both, and have actually had people I talk with comment “like trying to lose weight”. YES!

The theme of this book is looking at, and changing, behavior. It’s not so much the knowledge of how to improve financially, it’s changing how you perceive money, things, and the behavior towards money. Learning contentment with what you have.

Dave Ramsey
And the ultimate goal is not to increase cash flow to have MORE money (although that might help speed up the process). No. It’s to have less DEBT. Really? YES! But debt is the “American way”!

Like I said, we need to change our ways.

Dave Ramsey

I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey. I went through training in his organization, I’ve followed his recommendations, and they work.

This book will take you through the process, give you different perspectives on debt, savings, and priorities, as well as guidance on retirement and college planning. He lays out his “7 Baby Steps” and mixes in success stories of real people who have followed his plan to become debt free.

Do you want to feel financial freedom? Do you want to be able to cover an expense without slowing your stride, knowing you have it covered? Do you want to be able to give and help others, and be prepared to retire stress free? This book can help get you motivated and give you something to really think about. Of course, just thinking about it won’t change anything. But hopefully you will get so motivated that you just can’t help but put the steps into action.

Live like no one else
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  1. Naomi says:

    Great job, Lisa! Dave would be proud of you. We are,for sure!


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