The Negative Calorie Diet – book review

Negative Calorie Diet  The Negative Calorie Diet | Rocco Dispirito

First of all, I will say I prefer the actual book when utilizing reference books.  I purchased this book as an e-book and have not utilized it to its full potential for all the ideas and food education it contains.  As I start to write this review, it has motivated me to make the efforts to try even more of the ideas in this book.

The premise of this book is to really understand the healthiest foods, understand their nutrition and benefits, and to incorporate more of them into your diet. There is no need to count calories because your portions are reasonable, and the food is of the highest quality.  Rocco uses the term “negative calorie” in this book to refer to foods that are super healthy and nutritious and add high benefits to your diet.  He goes into detail to explain those benefits, and gives examples of how to incorporate them into your day to day menu. 

He also includes a 10-day cleanse, and then a follow up, 20-day plan.  No, I have not done the cleanse, but I have incorporated a lot of the foods he talks about, into my diet.  I have a majority of the ingredients in his recipes in my cupboard, and I eat a lot of the fresh foods in this book, on a daily and weekly basis.  And they are delicious.

In overview, he lists the following 10 Negative Calorie Foods:

1.      Almonds
2.      Apples
3.      Berries
4.      Celery
5.      Citrus Fruits
6.      Cruciferous Vegetables (cabbage family veggies)
7.      Cucumbers
8.      Green Leafy Vegetables
9.      Mushrooms
10.   Nightshades (tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, and “hot” peppers), called “nightshades” because they have the ability to grow at night.

He also lists the Top 10 Fat-Burning Condiments and Spices.

He includes details such as why they are on this list, their nutritional value, what specifically to look for, and how to use them in your diet.  I have gained a new love for apples and berries since I read this book!

The next section reviews the best proteins to include in your diet, and why.  Also, what to look for when choosing your protein.  The book is primarily plant based, but is written to include vegan, vegetarian, and those who eat animal proteins.

There is an entire section of recipes, including pictures of everything.  I love looking at what the food looks like before I decide to make the recipe. 

In the “lifestyle” section he includes how to get your proteins without eating meet, including “The 10 Best Fat-burning Vegetarian Proteins”.  Again, he includes information on how to use them in your diet. 

The last sections of the book cover “The Family Plan” (incorporating this lifestyle into your family routine), “Eating Out and On the Go”, and diet maintenance.

This book is full of motivation, tips, recipes, some statistics, and food education.  A lot of the recipes are a bit detailed for my preference.  But I love to take ideas and do them the way that works for me. 

If you want to eat better, and learn more about the food you eat, and especially if you are focused more on fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and beans, you will enjoy this book.

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  1. Naomi says:

    You’re getting me more motivated, Lisa…thank you!

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  2. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    Thank you for the review!

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