Clutter Free-book review

Clearing the clutter: Part I

Clutter bookClutter Free | Leo Babauta & Courtney Carver

A new year is 13 days away and everyone has resolutions, right? But how many people really keep those resolutions? Keep it simple this year, and rid your home of clutter and “things” that not only clutter your home, but your mind, your time, and your wallet!

I say “keep it simple” but really, it is not simple to get rid of stuff you are very attached to. 

This quick and easy read gets to the heart of the reasons behind “why” we fill our lives with stuff we do not need, use, and often don’t even want! This book walks you through the “just in case” syndrome, emotional attachments, and a look at what really matters.

It made me laugh just to see in writing some of the reasons why I do not let go of things!  I keep the dumbest things…just in case I might need them in two years!  And it stresses me out!  I can’t find space for the stuff, and I literally trip over stuff.  

I challenge you to declutter, and I mean REALLY declutter one corner of your home. Stop and just relish the feeling of freedom it brings, and then decide to finish the job.
I did just that, and I am determined to finish the job by spring.

Below you can see my first before and after pics.   Some of the stuff will go away, other stuff will go away to give this stuff a permanent home that is not on my bedroom floor. 

NOTE:  I decided to keep the cat ♥

IMG_6187   IMG_6206

You can purchase the e-book here for $2.99 (I am not able to find a regular book.  Too much clutter I guess):
Amazon Link




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Naomi says:

    Thanks, Lisa. I ordered the book…now, let’s see if I use it to help me declutter!


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