See Miraculous

I often wonder.  Our world is huge.  Life is precious.  Nothing is guaranteed.

We struggle, we rest, we celebrate.  Sometimes I travel from day to day, not focused on the moment, but trying to arrange what lies ahead, predicting, planning, fretting.

I hear of horrors in far away places.  I watch the news and it unnerves me.  It makes me want to punch someone.  I fear, I pray, I wait and hope.  I listen to my loved one and hear his frustration.  I go to work, I see changes, I hear rumors and whispers.

Wait.  I open my eyes, I listen.

I hear music, I see the sun rise over the mountain.  I sip my coffee and enjoy my breakfast.  I settle my pets and head to work.  I see smiles, I hear laughter.  I am wished “good morning!”.  My desk is clean and bright, ready for the day.  I accomplish good things. People thank me for my help.  I head home.  I have energy and burn off a few calories before I eat my healthy dinner.  I enjoy good conversation with my husband and some purrs from my pet.

I am comfortable. I am warm and fed.  I think back over past years and realize the miracles of each day that I am alive.  I feel peace that God is in control.  I can do my part to help the hurting, but I get to trust God to work out the details.

Sometimes my mind explodes when I think deeply about how I came into existence at this time, in this place, with these people who surround me.  While others suffer, fight, kill, and hurt inside.

I rest in the peace and joy that is this miraculous life that is mine.



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  1. Naomi says:

    What a great testimony to God’s faithfulness…His mercies are new every morning!

    With sickness at our house, your post was a welcome reminder that HE is here, and still in control. Thank you. 🤒. 😘


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