Declutter Project-part II

Now that I’ve mostly recovered from my Christmas weekend illness, it’s time to get back to my Declutter Project.

Yesterday was the perfect day, and I wasted no time.  Challenge for the day:  The closet.  And although I didn’t get rid of as many items as I had initially hoped (this is harder than I thought, and I knew it would be hard), I eliminated about 60 clothing items.  Now, with some rearranging, and this included my back bedroom closet, I can now see all of my hanging clothes!  And there is room to move them back and forth, to really SEE each item!  I found some stuff I forgot I had, that I really like.

Three more bags eliminated!

I can see this is going to be a process, I have so much more to tackle.  And there are sentiments and emotions attached.  With just the clothing category there are things that I don’t really like, but they fit and are comfortable.  I kept a couple of these.  There are clothes that I love, but are slightly tight.  I kept a lot of these.  There are things I don’t really like, but I paid good money for them!  I honestly believe I got rid of all of them.  I need to go through the clothes again in a few weeks, and weed out a few more items.  I’m going to try and do that.

Now, although I’ve been out of sorts the past week, I have still tacked a few drawers and shelves when I’ve had a few minutes.  I’ve made funny discoveries.  Here is an example:  I keep bottle lids and lotion pumps to use on other bottles.  And I use them, often.  When I went through my supple I found so many duplicate sizes I was able to toss 1/2 to 3/4 of my stash.  Space Saver! I tossed hair products, make up products, stuff I don’t even like.  But I paid money for them, I don’t want to toss them!  But the space is worth the dollar loss.  Hopefully the lesson learned is to no longer buy products I don’t use. Or return them if I purchase them and hate them.

The other thing I will continue to struggle with, and I’ve talked to my husband on this one, we are in this together. We can’t just keep it because our mother or grandmother gave it to us.

My example here is this lovely snow globe:


My mother-in-law gave this to us years ago.  It’s very pretty.  But I bet she doesn’t even remember giving it to us, and she won’t know we are giving it away (unless she reads this post, which she won’t).

I am sentimental.  Stuff has memories and ties to people and past experiences.

This process of decluttering is not only going to free up space, free up my mind, but it will also be a journey as I go through old things to determine what to keep, and reminisce it’s history.

I’m on a roll.  I’m not even done with my bedroom yet.  But I’m getting excited to see what’s in the next box, or under the bed, that I can enjoy looking through, and then toss or give away at least part of.

And PS:  I am buying less stuff!  Already I’m saving, instead of spending, about half of my allowance.

YAY!  My Declutter Happy Face!

Declutter Happy Face


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  1. Naomi says:

    Wow! I’m proud of you! You’re getting the new year off to a great start!


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