My Brilliant Blues

I have been told many times that I have beautiful blue eyes.  Especially when I wear blue or teal colors.

I am an ordinary person.  Not super beautiful.  Not thin and shapely. Not tall and gorgeous.  I am on the short side.  Ordinary.

But I have brilliant blue eyes!  When I was young I wore glasses.  As a young adult I was cross eyed.  YES! Although I had surgery about 15 years ago to correct, or mostly correct it, I have Strabismus (the medical term for “crossed eyes”).

I have been told that by having this condition it can effect a personal socially.  Aren’t eyes the pathway to the soul?  When in a serious conversation, or when I got tired, my eyes really looked crossed.  My husband would look at me and ask me where I was looking.  When I was stressed I could feel my eye twitch. I knew others could see it, and I could feel it.

Now it is no longer visible.  And hopefully it will remain that way (I was told they could move back…).

But after dealing with this issue for 40 years, and being an ordinary person, I feel blessed to have my beautiful brilliant blue eyes!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Naomi says:

    Lisa, I LOVE this post!

    You are so special. And you DO have beautiful eyes. And a beautiful soul.


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