Should I follow my head or my heart?

How many times have we struggled with such a dilemma?

I can think of very specific examples of where I followed my heart, at times life changing decisions, and got burned.

Then I’ve struggled to really think a process through.  Followed a strategy that I thought would help bring success, only to find myself going in circles.

The reverse has also been true.  By following my heart, being true to myself, I have experienced a successful outcome.  At times really listening to my head has helped me get back on track.

If we have a close circle of friends and family, one of the wisest choices is to seek advice.  Request input from those who know us and understand the situation.  This can be especially valuable for those decisions involving the heart.  Professionals experienced in specific areas may also provide guidance in thinking a process through.

When we are young we are especially vulnerable at heart.  We make our decisions based on what feels good and right.  Then we get burned.  We may then be more inclined to follow what is logical.  Protecting our heart from further damage.  Play it safe.  Hesitant to take chances.

But those chances, taking a risk, could open up a whole new world!

I wonder.  As we age.  As we experience the good and the bad, reflect on what worked and what didn’t.  As we really learn what brings us happiness in life.  Peace.  Joy.

…might our heart and our head start to align?  As we find our path in life, our strengths, our passions, perhaps what our head starts to see as logic, begins to take us where our heart really belongs.

This is what I believe to be true.  I am even discovering that my heart is learning to be less susceptible to the hype and glamor of social media, advertising, and the ramblings of acquaintances.  My head knows what is right and my heart is happy.  And more than ever, they are in alignment.  ♥♥♥

Head and Heart quote

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  1. whitec1971 says:

    Following the head and heart are so true. In my life, I have searched for that heart and happiness alignment. I find that if you do follow the heart the head and soul will be happier. I enjoyed your post.


    1. onthebeach50 says:

      Thank you so much for reading my post, and for your comment. It is so important to have a happy heart 🙂

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