Life is Good THE BOOK -book review

Life is good book  Life is Good THE BOOK | Bert and John Jacobs | Founders of Life is Good

I am an optimist.

a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something.

a person who believes that this world is the best of all possible worlds or that good must ultimately prevail over evil.

(oxford dictionaries)

This is a trait that became clear to me in recent years.  I think this perspective comes easily to some, and not so easily to others.  Sometimes it is a choice.  You can choose to focus on what you have, what is good, what is positive, or you can choose to do the opposite.

Life is good

A few years ago I fell in love with the Life is Good brand.  Their clothing is comfortable, and (from my perspective) cute. I can choose the messages I want to send to the world.  And they support a good cause: Life is Good Kids Foundation.

When I saw they had a book out, I couldn’t wait to read it.  I wanted to read about Bert and John.  How their business got started and how they spread the power of optimism!

Life is not easy. Life is not perfect. Life is good.

Yes! And as optimistic as I am, I try not to miss an opportunity to be further inspired!

Life is good 3

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  They share the secrets of the 10 “superpowers”, such as Openness, Courage, Compassion, Fun, and of course LOVE.  They state that studies have demonstrated a strong link between optimism and increased mental and physical health, greater resilience in the face of stress and adversity, and a higher overall quality of life.

I agree.

Throughout the book they share letters written by fans, sharing perspectives, challenges and successes.  People take what life gives them, and make a great life out of sometimes tough situations.  If they can do it, I can do it!

Life is good 2

They share their own story,  their perspectives, ideas and thoughts.  They are quirky and fun.  Photos and drawings create additional interest.   For each superpower they include their list of ten songs that demonstrate that power.  I laughed and  I also felt sadness.  I was inspired.

Life is good 4

If you have heard of the brand, if you wear their clothing, you will love the book.

And if you’ve never heard of them but want a shot of optimism, read the book.

Because life is not just good, LIFE IS AMAZING!




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  1. Naomi says:

    Life truly IS amazing!


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