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Sometimes I have things to say, but no one to listen.  Sure, my husband will listen, but does he really hear and understand?  Yes, talk my cats all the time and we have conversations constantly.  At times they certainly appear mesmerized by my ramblings.

Sometimes I talk to the air, or to God as I busy myself in my home or office. And I know God listens.

But at times the lack of audience can stifle. Perhaps that is what created this urge, this desire and curiosity, to discover what all the whoopla is with blogging.  In fact, blog is an odd word isn’t it?  Where did it come from?  Well, let’s find out!

According to

The term ‘Blog’ is the evolved term coined by Peter Merholz in 1999. It’s not an acronym,…it’s a colloquialism. It comes from the conjoined terms web and log…as in weblog. Then it evolved into simply blog when Peter Merholz coined the term in 1999.

I did not know that!

What I am discovering, is that I have a new outlet.  Sure, few people may read what I post.  But does that really matter?  What is my purpose? To tell others all of the things in my head?  Or maybe to simply create, put it out there, and see what happens.

As I look around and read other blogs, during my sort time here in blog-world, it seems like it doesn’t really matter.  Anything goes.  Be myself.  To feel unstifled.  Is that even a word?  (it is, I Googled it)

So far, I must say, I am enjoying the freedom I feel.  I think I may stay here for a while, and see what happens.








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  1. Naomi says:

    I can relate to what you wrote about not always having someone that listens…I’m glad that God always does!

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    1. theOwl30 says:

      ooops…(continued, pt. 2)…that will help others to find your post.
      What puzzles me is when I search that way for topics that interest me, there is a surprising amount of what appear to be NEW blogs, as they often have less than 20 followers (no offense). Some have 3 or less. Where are all these Blogs that were lon g created before I ever got here, and that should have over 100 followers by now? Hmmm. Another thing about blogging, is besides WordPress, there is also, Jimdo, Tumblr (no “e”. it really is spelled that way), also and and whatever else may be invented next. 🙂


      1. onthebeach50 says:

        Thank you! Yes, I try to add tags, sometimes I’m not quite sure what to use. One of my problems is that I can’t quite stick to a theme. I’m not one to necessarily follow the instructions. 😊 I’m actually quite fascinated by this. How people from around the world find me! I wish I had more time to just read about people and look at all the pictures!!


  2. theOwl30 says:

    I like to search for topics by Tags. When you write a post on here, before you publish it, on the right side it will mention categories and Tags. These are like similar words you can add,


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