Low Carb diet: my perspective

This time of year we are all bombarded with diet commercials and advertisements.  Quite honestly, it drives me nuts.  I have struggled my whole life with weight issues.  I don’t think there is any magical answer. I also think each individual needs to determine what works best for their body, metabolism, and any health issues they may have.

But if we try something temporary, or expensive, to get the weight off, how do we maintain it?  I sympathize with everyone out there trying.  I still struggle.  But isn’t the real answer something you can do constantly for the rest of your life, and have it healthy, AND affordable?  (who wants to have to purchase packaged foods for the rest of their life?)

I know of people eating as few as 20 carbs daily for their weight loss plan.  It works, and it works fast, but can you maintain it for the rest of your life?  Some of the health concerns of a high protein diet listed on http://www.WebMD.com include high cholesterol, kidney problems, osteoporosis and kidney stones.

And when you cut out most of your fruits and vegetables, how in the world does your digestion keep functioning? What about the nutrition you gain from those fruits and veggies?

Five years ago, when I turned 50, my doctor pushed me hard to lose weight.  I decided it was time to make changes.  Although I actually ate quite healthy, I wasn’t active, and needed to lose about 30 pounds.   What I don’t want, is to be a fragile old lady in 20 years!  So, we joined the gym. I even got a trainer to teach me the ropes, and about the same time I discovered myfitnesspal.  That, my friends, is an honest accountability tool!

I lost 25 pounds that first year.   But the schedule was tough to  maintain.  However, I can say we’ve continued to visit the gym, and I eat very healthy.  But, I have fluctuated 10 pounds a few times, and am currently working to drop those 10 pounds one more time.

Not too long ago I asked my doctor how many carbs she recommended.  She said 100 per day.  Net?, I asked.  She actually didn’t have a specific answer for that, so I decided I would try 100 net carbs daily.  My carbs are healthy (fruits, veggies, dark chocolate), and my proteins are healthy (fish, chicken, cheese-sorry, I love cheese, and very healthy protein drinks).

I believe I have discovered, what is for me, the perfect combination.  And, thanks to myfitnesspal, I can monitor to make sure I am getting my nutrients.  I feel good.  Actually, I feel great!  I need to be more regular at the gym, and I will.  I just renewed my membership for three more years!

So, you can take your packaged foods and your super low carb diets. Although I do spend some time each week on food prep, I know exactly what I am eating, it tastes good, and my body is happy!  I’m not quite “there” yet, but I will be soon!

I do have one final disclosure:  I have not mastered the “vacation” diet plan.  That is exactly where those 10 pounds have a tendency creep back on.  –I’m going to be working on this, because I never intend to give up my vacations!



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  1. Lisa Chesser says:

    Yes, I have that problem too. Vacation and stress keep me battling with my weight gain.

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    1. onthebeach50 says:

      Food can be tied to our emotions. It can be very challenging. Let’s not give up!


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