Hearing joy in the silence

Life is so full of noise.  We no longer exist in a world where quiet is part of life.  To experience silence, we have to be purposeful in creating it.

Saturday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week.  Often I do not turn on the TV, music, or the radio.  What I love most is to open the doors and listen to life outside me.  Day to day we are obsessed with tasks, time limits, due dates, emails, phone calls, and the list goes on.  Our mind has no down time. Sometimes it is difficult to sleep because our mind continues processing into the night.


My most favorite silence is in nature.  If I can keep the doors and windows open 24/7, I am happy.  I love to wake up to the sound of the birds.  They sing happy tunes and bring energy and joy to the morning.


I have memories of playing outside when I was young.  In the summer we would hear neighbors mowing the lawn, and airplanes flying overhead.  To this day, when I have my doors open and hear the sound of a lawn mower or an airplane, it gives me a feeling of peace.

Do you ever stop and identify the noises around you?  As I write, I hear the washer and dryer going.  They seem very loud.  But they also bring me that feeling of accomplishment and completion.  Soon the clothes will be clean and fresh, and all put away.

The dishwasher running makes me feel restful. The meal is done, kitchen cleaned, and dishes being washed.  Time to relax.

Isn’t it interesting how noise, or lack there of, can bring emotions, feelings, even peace and contentment?  Silence can slow me down, and let my mind dwell on good things. Silence can help me focus on the task at hand, and make me more productive and accomplish a better outcome.

Silence is under rated.  In our world of TV, music, advertising, even conversations and enthusiastic youth, sometimes it is not easy to find a corner to experience quiet.  With our to-do list,  the responsibilities, and the expectations that life puts on us, we have to decide to come down from the hype.  Be purposeful and take control of our surroundings. To be present where we are.

To me, these moments are worth it.  Some of the most joyful moments of my week.


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  1. Naomi says:

    Good thoughts, Lisa. We all need times of silence…I often hear God speaking in my silent times.

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