Wow, what a powerful word:


I have been told I have very little patience.  And I believe this is true.  Except for one area.

I am very patient when planning vacations.  I love to anticipate the adventure.  I will research activities, sights to see, and attractions to visit.  I look up restaurants and food recommendations.  Sometimes I see something presented on the food or travel channel.  I look it up and we have successfully discovered several places I’ve seen on TV.  For me, part of the thrill is the hunt and discovery.

I believe anticipation is half the fun.  For me it is.  By planning, scheduling and researching, our trips meet and exceed our expectations, bringing home photos, a few “souvenirs” and a ton of memories.

I put a lot of time and planning in to our vacations, and I am very patient.  Because I believe THIS, is worth waiting for:

Hawaii A 324Hawaii A 418Hawaii A 698Hawaii A 939Hawaii A 1014Hawaii A 1035Hawaii B 177

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  1. Alice Boor says:

    Beautiful pictures, Lisa! Is it in Hawaii?

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    1. onthebeach50 says:

      Yes, from several years ago.


  2. Shagun says:

    Those sights are extremely breathtaking!

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