Seek Explore Discover …and be Blessed

One of my favorite memories of our Caribbean cruise several years ago, was this old church on the island of Antigua.  We did not realize what it was as we approached.  I am the explorer, and it looked intriguing.

Ironically, our visit was on Ash Wednesday.  We were welcomed inside so we went in, receiving an unexpected treat.  We were blessed to listen to part of the Ash Wednesday service, as the Priest spoke to the congregation, that included a group of pristinely dressed school children.  Although we felt somewhat out of place in this foreign environment, we also felt included, as we, too, believed in the message being spoke.

When a break in the service occurred, we quietly slipped out.  But it was an experience we will not forget, and part of the reason we returned to the island a few years later.

The church was beautifully old, and I would have loved to take more pictures, but I didn’t want to be intrusive.

On this Easter weekend, it is a perfect time to not only remember Christ’s resurrection, but to feel united with those around the world celebrating this Holy Day.

May your Easter Sunday be blessed and beautiful!


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  1. Naomi says:

    Oh Lisa, what a nice memory for both of you.

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  2. onthebeach50 says:

    Yeah, it was really nice, and a wonderful way to feel connected to a place so far away.


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