Placed Focus

I recently returned from a two day Enrichment training through the Dave Ramsey organization.  Although the overall theme was tied into coaching and business development, there were a multitude of “take aways” that apply to every day living and dream building.

No mater what your position in life, it is where you place your focus, that will determine your path and your achievements.

I am an optimistic person by nature.  Perhaps part of it is in my DNA, who knows.  But a big part of it is intentional.  I choose to sort through the bad, the negative, the tough stuff, and find the good and the positive.  That is what I focus on, and my goal in life is to help others do the same.

Sometimes the term “dreamer” can be taken in a negative way.  But really, if you don’t have a dream, a goal, a hope for your future, you won’t go anywhere.  The focus on where you want to be and the possibilities of where you can go, is the motivation and the drive to get you there.

If you don’t have a dream, find one!  Look inside yourself and find your gifts, your strengths, what makes you happy.  Focus on good, read, and think.  One book I recommend is  “No Limits” by John Maxwell. It truly inspired me.  Sometimes we tend to be stuck in neutral, survival mode, going in circles.  Change your thoughts, change your focus.

I dream.  My dreams have changed over the years, but I have also, through the grace of God, seen my dreams come true.  I didn’t give up, and I don’t ever intend do.

It is important to balance our focus.  I enjoy the here and now.  I value my life where it is today and the everyday blessings in my life.  I do.

But I also have dreams and hopes.  I want to learn more, travel more, and be better at what I do. I want to grow my confidence.  I have some very specific goals and dreams.

One of my dreams is to inspire others to see their dreams.  By actually looking into the future, seeing where you can be, dreaming and hoping that it can happen for real, a seed of motivation will be planted.  With focus, the seed will grow.

We need to understand where we were in the past, accept mistakes or poor decisions.  But LIVE for today, focus on the good, and see the future.  Dream!

Sometimes we need to reach out for guidance and support.  Utilize resources that are available.  Take ownership. Yes, and work hard.  Nothing great and awesome ever comes easily, and if it does, it won’t hold great value.  The harder you work for it, the more valuable it becomes.

When I am able to help another see what can be accomplished with hard work and drive, it brings me joy.  I hope it brings them joy as well.  By seeing life differently, by seeing struggles differently, by placing focus on what is good and what can be, we can change our path.

Isn’t that what life is all about?




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  1. Naomi says:

    You are a great motivator, Lisa.

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