National Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17th is National Black Cat Appreciation Day.  It seems appropriate for me to take one more opportunity to appreciate my sweet Shadow that was such an important part of our household for nine years, until we lost him a few weeks ago.

According to the website, because Black Cats have such a negative reputation, they have been neglected, and it takes them longer to be adopted at shelters.

I am happy to think that I saved this dear sweet soul from such an experience.

I have certainly appreciated my black cat over the years and hope that people across the nation take a moment to give some special love and attention to their valued companion.

And even better… if given the opportunity, adopt a new black furry friend!  ♥♥♥







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  1. Naomi says:

    How special that black cats are being celebrated on this day. We have had 3 black cats in our life – Licorice (you were too young to remember him) Pepe and Shadow. All of them have been very loved.

    Thanks for the memories. 💙💙💙

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