Fabulous Fresh Figs

I do not remember ever having a fresh fig until a few years ago when a coworker gave me some from her tree.  From that point on, I was in love with figs.  However, they are hard to come by.  I’ve found them once or twice at Costco, but otherwise, Whole Foods is the only other place I have found them.  They do cost a bit more than some other fruit.  But if they are good and ripe, they are worth it to me.

Ripe sweet figs are just amazing!  They are soft and kind of mushy.  The skin is fragile and they aren’t super beautiful on the outside.  But the inside is so sweet, and almost buttery or creamy.  Almost spreadable.  I love to cut the stem, slice them in quarters, and eat them.

Figs are mentioned in the bible, and are a food of Mediterranean decent.  That is how I always associated them in my mind. Health benefits include heart, digestion and immune system.

I think they are simply delicious and when I do indulge, I savor every bite.

Next time you see fresh figs at a farmer’s market or fruit stand, find a few that are soft, ripe, and ready to eat.  And be prepared for a sweet treat!



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  1. Naomi says:

    You almost made me want to get some. The pictures are great!

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  2. I hadn’t had fresh figs until relatively recently either! I think maybe they are just becoming more available commercially. They are so fragile, I imagine it’s hard to ship them! Your post is an ode to this delicious fruit (which I hope to enjoy a few more times this season!).

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