Travel Through the Front View Window

On our recent road trip, I discovered the joy in really seeing the journey through the front window.  I had loaded up on Kindle books, recorded shows and movies, and my crocheting.  But because our route took us through so much unfamiliar territory, I realized how much beauty and unique scenery and towns we were driving though.

I decided to try some practice shots with my camera through the front window.  I realized I was able to capture some of the beautiful sights along the way, and help keep some of this road trip more alive in my memory.  My husband just had to keep the window clean  🙂

We had an amazing trip around the Northwest area of the country, and we are already starting to think about our next road trip.  We have a beautiful country!

Somewhere in the mounts along the border of Southern Oregon
Distant Mount Hood
Heading to Mount Hood, Oregon
The logging trucks fascinated me
One of my favorite pictures!
Loved seeing all of the bridges along the way
We were blessed to see quite a few trees changing color


Worth stopping for!
Yes, another bridge
Along the California Coast


Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in San Francisco
Palm Springs, California


One Comment Add yours

  1. Naomi says:

    We have so much beautiful scenery in this country! It’s wonderful that you were able to enjoy it.


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