My Sandals Bahamas Adventure

We recently returned from our second visit to a Sandals all inclusive resort. Our first visit was six years ago to the Sandals resort in Antigua to celebrate my 50th birthday. We had an amazing time. When asked, my husband requested a return trip to a Sandals resort for his retirement celebration. I was happy to start planning (and saving).

The Sandals Royal Bohemian resort in the Bahamas was our choice. Primarily because the close proximity to Florida and easier accessibility. And it was very conveniently located. We included four nights in Florida before our travel over to the Bahamas. The resorts are different, and we had a wonderful time at Sandals, located in Nassau, Bahamas. They had a separate island and we were able to take a boat ride over, and spend the day. That added interest to our stay. The overall property was smaller than the property in Antigua. We enjoy exploring and walking the beach, and missed the larger property in Antigua. I also enjoyed experiencing the culture further south in the Caribbean, on the island of Antigua.

Hammocks on Sandals Island
Sandals Island

We absolutely love the inclusiveness of these resorts. After experiencing two different resorts, it’s hard not to compare. We felt there was a little higher lever of consistent engagement from employees at Antigua. We felt like we were the most important people there the entire stay. At the Bahamas resort there were a few times when the employees were a little less enthusiastic. However, our overall stay was wonderful and would earn a near perfect rating. If you are considering an all inclusive resort, I would highly recommend the Sandals resorts.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • It is expensive: Save, plan, pay cash, and value every part of the experience
  • Travel time: Depending on where you travel to, customs and flights can cause long delays
  • Culture: Explore the area outside of the resort, see and interact with the people, learn about the location, climate and economy. We are all so different and it is amazing to learn from other cultures
  • Pack light: I could have worn more of my clothing twice to save space
  • Take advantage of what is included: Experience the activities, eat the food (ask for two appetizers or extra deserts!), enjoy the fun drinks (in moderation) and order room service!

If you are blessed with the opportunity to visit a Sandals resort, or any similar resort, I challenge you to plan ahead, anticipate the adventure and enjoy dreaming! Think though what you really need to bring, budget for the expenses, and enjoy with someone special. Celebrate!

While you are there, enjoy the experience. Really live the moment. Let the cell phone go, be with the one you love. Explore, burn off energy and stress, but also relax! See God’s beauty.

View from the back side of Sandals Island

Finally, don’t just appreciate the experience. Appreciate the people. These people are spoiling you every moment of the day and work very hard. At the end of the day they go home to real life. To the challenges and the problems life brings. I couldn’t help but think that while I was enjoying such luxuries, these folks were focused on meeting my needs. They listen to complaints and problems from us. Their work can be hot, and very physical. They live in a paradise location, but they work hard to earn it. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be kind.

Finally, remember: Amazing is what you make it!

Swing on Sandals Island
Sunset view from balcony
Room Service: Breakfast is served

Loading dock on Sandals Island
Sandals from the sky as we headed home 😦

To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.
-Emilia Wickstead

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