Everyday Millionaires -Book Review

Want an inspiring book on personal finance?  Don’t think you could ever achieve something unthinkable in your future?

By definition, a “millionaire” is someone who has a net worth of one million dollars or more.  This is not someone who earns one million dollars.  In fact, many who earn a million dollars annually may actually have a net worth less than some of those who earn far less.

This book, written by Chris Hogan, is an easy, fascinating read.  Chris, who works for Dave Ramsey, takes the practical principles that Dave Ramsey teaches, and shows how any ordinary person with drive, hard work, persistence and patience, can achieve great things financially.

As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, with a career for many years in the banking industry, I have been able to see all of the wise, and very unwise, choices Americans make.  The way to beat the odds, is to go against the lifestyle expectations taught though social media, television, and “The Jones”.  And it isn’t easy. But it also isn’t easy cleaning up a financial mess created through poor decisions and lack of future planning.

Do you know how a majority of the millionaires achieved their millionaire status?  According to the 10,000 millionaires surveyed by Chris Hogan and the Ramsey team, through their employer’s 401k plan!  …in addition to additional lifestyle choices so many people today are not willing to make.  The money was not won or inherited by a majority of these folks, it was EARNED.

Curious as to what your net worth might be?  Check out Chris’s net worth calculator here.  The first step is becoming debt free, and it is achievable.  Dave’s seven baby steps will help you get started, check it out at www.daveramsey.com.

My life is not all about become “rich”.  I am very blessed with family, friends, health and God.  I’m already rich.  But I want peace in my life, and that doesn’t come with debt and financial stress.  And I want the freedom to be able to bless others and be self sufficient as I age.

If you have a curiosity as to how you might be able to achieve more in your financial future, and do it God’s way (the right way, regardless of your faith), check out Chris’s book on www.chrishogan360.com.  This book contains practical steps you can take, statistics that will surprise you, and multiple inspiring stories from other people, just like you and me, who have already done it.

Discover the joy of setting and reaching financial goals, becoming debt free and beholding to no one.

Peace of life:
It’s not about stuff, it’s not about easy. It’s about living a life that’s right, good, and being the best of who you are.  Set dreams, follow your passion, and be content wherever you are in your journey. 

Focus on others along the way and you will be blessed.



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  1. Naomi says:

    Very good advice that we should all think about.


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