Coffee and Memories

Last week we ended our final road trip on Highway 1, at San Francisco, before heading  home.  We enjoyed coffee at a little shop in Union Square.  I shared my memories as we sat and took in the surroundings.

Twenty five years ago I took a weekend visit with a good friend.  She shared with me her favorite San Francisco sites.  My most vivid memory was Union Square, decorated for Christmas.  I still have the mugs I purchased at Macy’s and Saks.  The tree was lit in the center of the square, and someone, somewhere, was playing beautiful music on the saxophone.   It was magical.

This trip there was a different feel, but the memories returned as we walked around the square, and paused for a few moments to reflect.

I purchased a new mug this trip.  The name on the mug is Bancarella.  I believe this is the coffee shop on the other side of the square, that appeared to be closed. I was curious as to the meeting of the word Bancarella. I looked it up and it means a booth or a stall, perhaps in a market.  That seems fitting.  The name of partner the shop we enjoyed is called El Caffe.  The Caffe.

The square was in somewhat of disarray.  It appeared they were deconstructing from a recent event in the center.  Perhaps this moment won’t be as magical as my visit in the past.  But the memories of the past will always be.

My husband and I created our own new memories of San Francisco that will hold their own magic, when remembered in years to come.

“Money lives in New York. Power sits in Washington.
Freedom sips cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco.”
– Joe Flower



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  1. N walker says:

    It’s amazing how a place…a fragrance…a taste can take us back to the past!

    I enjoyed reading about one of yours.


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