Just a duck

Swimming in the creek, looking beautiful, not a care in the world…

I have posted a lot of duck photos, but this little gal was swimming happily in the sun on Saturday morning. I thought she was so beautiful in the clear water.

Posted for Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly photo challenge: Birds with yellow or orange legs/feet

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  1. Lisa Coleman says:

    I think this guy is a gal. . Looks like a female Mallard or Mottled Duck. Hard to say because they look similar. So glad you joined us this week, Lisa.

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    1. Lisa, I’m sure you are right! LOL! I ran across your challenge and decided to post her because I just thought she was pretty. …shhhhhhh I’m going to go in and edit “guy” to “gal”

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      1. Lisa Coleman says:

        I wont tell. hope you join in again whenever you want. Its just a lot of fun.

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      2. I’m sure I will. It is so hot were I live, some birds actually leave here and come back in the winter. I’m still in the learning mode

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      3. Lisa Coleman says:

        We dont judge. We had a cool front. Its only going to be 88 here today. I saw a lot of birds in this morning so that was nice. Hurricane season is ramping up for us. I will be happy with much cooler weather so we can get back to hiking and real birding.

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  2. lolaWi says:

    beautiful capture, Lisa.

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    1. Thank you! It seems like such a simple photo, but the sun makes her shine


  3. Awesome reflection capture, Lisa! She is a beautiful duck!

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    1. Thanks Donna! So glad I have this blog hobby so I can post them somewhere!

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      1. I’ve been hooked with sharing on my blog for ten years.

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