Invest in Moments

I have read that special moments and experiences create memories that grow in value over time. I have felt this and believe it to be true. We recently returned home from a ten day road trip. When I am asked how our trip was, my initial response is “Amazing!”. We did have a fantastic time….

Everyday Millionaires -Book Review

Want an inspiring book on personal finance?  Don’t think you could ever achieve something unthinkable in your future? By definition, a “millionaire” is someone who has a net worth of one million dollars or more.  This is not someone who earns one million dollars.  In fact, many who earn a million dollars annually may actually…

Scarcity Syndrome: Yes, it’s a thing

Have you ever purchased large quantities of an item, for fear that it may not be available next time you need it?  Do you always fill cupboards or closets with supplies, to be stocked up “just in case”?  Or perhaps holding on to items because you may need them “someday”?  Turns out there’s a syndrome…

What if I win?

I might.  Someone has to win.  So what if it’s one in a bazillion chance.  It could happen.   And why not me?  I’d give most of it away anyway, I just want to help people.  It would be so amazing!  All of my problems would go away.  “You can’t win if you don’t play”….

Clutter Free-book review

Clearing the clutter: Part I Clutter Free | Leo Babauta & Courtney Carver A new year is 13 days away and everyone has resolutions, right? But how many people really keep those resolutions? Keep it simple this year, and rid your home of clutter and “things” that not only clutter your home, but your mind,…