Does retirement bring happiness?

Retirement (Wikipedia): …the withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from one’s active working life. Why do we retire? Because we hate our job? Because we have buckets of money and we don’t need to work any more? Because our health or physical abilities will no longer allow? Because our place of employment closed, or…

Seek Explore Discover …and be Blessed

One of my favorite memories of our Caribbean cruise several years ago, was this old church on the island of Antigua.  We did not realize what it was as we approached.  I am the explorer, and it looked intriguing. Ironically, our visit was on Ash Wednesday.  We were welcomed inside so we went in, receiving…

My Disneyland Undiscovered

Have you ever wondered what undiscovered mysteries lie inside the walls of Disneyland? I have been to Disneyland several times during my lifetime, but during a recent trip, I wanted to really explore and discover. Before I left, I did some research and made a list of several things I wanted to check out during…

The diversity of the deep-Sea Creatures

While visiting in Alaska recently, I was able to experience the adventure of viewing shrimp pots and the variety of sea creatures they attract.  The sun was out, the sky was blue and the water shimmered!      

Early Morning Adventure Park Silence

Unusual stillness. Peace. Silence. The beauty of the early morning sun.  Anticipation of the adventures and excitement to come! Happiness and joy!