My name is Lisa and two of my major passions are in the area of health (fitness and nutrition) and money (budgeting and planning for the future). I am blessed to be able to do budget coaching as part of my job and find it unbelievably rewarding to be able to help people see money in a new way, and reprioritize was is most important.

Ironically, money and health are the two biggest concerns for many people.  They are linked together very strongly and can effect every area of our lives, including work and relationships.

I also love the beach.  I love taking pictures.  And I LOVE taking pictures of the beach!


I decided to start this blog as a way to put down some of my thoughts in writing.  I am not a writer, so this is a new “out of the box” adventure for me.  But I have been in somewhat of a rut lately, and this is a way to really get my thought process stimulated.

I am excited to see what I might discover about myself as I venter into the new world of blogging!

Dave Ramsey