Desert Wildflowers

Rafinesquia neomexicana: commonly known as desert chicory.  …also known as plumeseed, or New Mexico plumeseed, considered in the sunflower or daisy family
Amsinckia: commonly known as Fiddleneck
Encelia Farinosa: commonly known as Brittlebush

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  1. krc says:


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    1. Thank you so much! 😊💐


  2. Beautiful wild flowers……..I’m so looking forward to spring and taking macro photos once again.

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    1. Thank you! Soon our sunny spring days will turn to hot summer days. So we enjoy this time of year very much!

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  3. Hooray for desert wildflowers! I wish I lived closer to a desert.

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    1. I agree Steve! Most of the year it’s pretty awesome. This August is probably one for the record books with regards to heat. I’m ready to move on 🌞 But once rains come, flowers bloom!


  4. I saw these lovely yellow desert Flowers in Kuwait too! So cute.

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    1. Thank you! Sadly because of lack of rain we aren’t seeing as many flowers this spring. However, anytime we get rain new flowers pop up so I remain hopeful!

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  5. flowers are so joyful. And it amazes me what grows in the desert as it is so dry.

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    1. Yes, and we still get some growing even without the rains. But when the rains come, wow!

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