Dragonfly Photos & Facts

Interesting dragonfly facts (from nationalgeographic.com):

  • Dragonflies can reach speeds of up to 35 miles an hour and fly just as gracefully backward by lifting off vertically, helicopter style
  • Their compound eyes are so large they nearly touch, and each one has about 28,000 single eyes, or ommatidia
  • Around 7,000 species of true dragonflies are alive today
  • Adults live only about a month, hunting flies, mosquitos, and midges

Click on photo for larger image:

Roseate Skimmer 7/25/2020

Plateau Dragonlet 7/25/2020
Western Pondhawk 7/8/2020
Blue Dasher 7/25/2020

Blue Dasher 5/17/2020
Blue Dasher 7/25/2020
Red Saddlebags 8/1/2020
Black Saddlebags 8/22/2020 (yes, there are two in this photo!)
Mexican Amberwing 8/2/2020
Blue-Ringed Dancer 8/20/2020
Common Green Darner 8/1/2020
Red-tailed Pennant 8/2/2020
Blue-ringed Dancer 8/20/2020
Variegated Meadowhawk 9/16/2020

Wandering Glider 7/25/2020
Considered to be the most widespread dragonfly on the planet!
Canyon Rubyspot 8/2/2020
Rambur’s Forktail 5/3/2020

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