He may not be showing a smile, but I bet you are! He likes to sleep against the wall.  Cutest thing! ♥♥ (Yes I love my Nephew Doggie)

Seek Explore Discover …and be Blessed

One of my favorite memories of our Caribbean cruise several years ago, was this old church on the island of Antigua.  We did not realize what it was as we approached.  I am the explorer, and it looked intriguing. Ironically, our visit was on Ash Wednesday.  We were welcomed inside so we went in, receiving…

Sunset home

There is something beautiful and bittersweet about an amazing sunset at the end of a wonderful journey. As we traveled home from Florida a few years ago, we flew into the sunset heading home. Glorious …yet symbolic.  

What makes me say “ahhhhhh”

Yesterday we were watching an episode of  “Beach Front Bargain Hunt” that I had previously recorded.  This episode was filmed in St. Thomas BVI.  It took me back to our visit years ago while on a cruise. It was so beautiful! We happened upon a foot tour that we thoroughly enjoyed, and took the tram…

Wow, what a powerful word:

Patience. I have been told I have very little patience.  And I believe this is true.  Except for one area. I am very patient when planning vacations.  I love to anticipate the adventure.  I will research activities, sites to see, and attractions to visit.  I look up restaurants and food recommendations.  Sometimes I see something…