The Heart of Easter

May the PEACE of Easter May the HOPE of Easter May the JOY of Easter May the LOVE of Easter May the LIGHT of Easter May the LIFE of Easter May the REDEMPTION of Easter Bless you today and for ETERNITY ♥♥♥

Feeding Time at the Finch Feeder

Enjoyed watching the yellow finches feeding at the feeder today. They are so mesmerizing. Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark -Rabindranath Tagore  

Everyday Millionaires -Book Review

Want an inspiring book on personal finance?  Don’t think you could ever achieve something unthinkable in your future? By definition, a “millionaire” is someone who has a net worth of one million dollars or more.  This is not someone who earns one million dollars.  In fact, many who earn a million dollars annually may actually…

Tiny Beach Library Discovery

On Coquina Gulfside Park, in Manatee County, Florida, I discovered a Little Free Library.  Such a cute discovery.  I took photos with plans to do more research into this organization at a later time. On the Little Free Library website I found information on how to start a library, purchase materials, donate, and a map…

They’re the “Bee’s Knees”

In 1921 the term “Bee’s Knees” referred to a highly admired person or thing (according to Well, perhaps that came into being because of the amazing way our devoted little carrier bees gather and collect their pollen and carry it back to the hives! While snapping a few flower photos earlier today, I was…