Night visitors 🦇🦇

Yes! We have bats visiting our hummingbird feeder. Not only do we have hummingbirds, finches, orioles and woodpeckers at our lovely feeding station, we can now add bats to the visitor’s list! I’m sure we’ve had them visit in the past, but we have not kept our feeder filled each night to entice them back….

Coopers Hawk

Today I took a day off… because I could. Hubby took me (and my camera) around town to see what we could find. It was hot and beautiful and one of our many discoveries was this amazing Coopers Hawk hiding in the tree at a park. Hubby found him, I was busy looking at the…

My baby coots are growing up

What a joy when I discovered these baby coots several weeks ago. Who’d have thought I would see them several times and be able to document their growth? What odd little cuties! (or as my cousin called them, “cooties” 🥰) And how sweet they look at all ages. ❤ This was my most recent photo:…

We need a “❤” button

Don’t you think this sweet little bunny with the torn ear needs some love? “No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.” ~ Maya Angelou

My Wild Morning

This morning I realized I need to be more prepared for the unexpected. Learn to know where to focus if I want to take full advantage of surprise photo opportunities. But hey, what a cool experience when I turned the corner to see these little cuties looking right at me! I snapped a few photos…