Invest in Moments

I have read that special moments and experiences create memories that grow in value over time. I have felt this and believe it to be true. We recently returned home from a ten day road trip. When I am asked how our trip was, my initial response is “Amazing!”. We did have a fantastic time….

… P.S. Golden Gait was AMAZING!

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I decided share the first place we stopped when we hit San Francisco: The Golden Gait Bridge It was one of the top highlights of our road trip up Highway 1. I love it when a plan all comes together: We happened upon a fantastic parking location (free!).  We…

Island Wise: Book Review …getting my Island Groove on -Part I

I recently discovered a book I purchased in 2007 at Hotel Del Coronado called “Island Wise”.  Lessons in Living from the Islands of the World.  I don’t believe I have read it, and now was the time.  As we recently went through a home remodel (a story for another day), I’ve been trying to pull…

The Heart of Easter

May the PEACE of Easter May the HOPE of Easter May the JOY of Easter May the LOVE of Easter May the LIGHT of Easter May the LIFE of Easter May the REDEMPTION of Easter Bless you today and for ETERNITY ♥♥♥

They’re the “Bee’s Knees”

In 1921 the term “Bee’s Knees” referred to a highly admired person or thing (according to Well, perhaps that came into being because of the amazing way our devoted little carrier bees gather and collect their pollen and carry it back to the hives! While snapping a few flower photos earlier today, I was…