Proud Mama!

The proud mama leads her chicks with confidence, and knows the places that are good and safe The proud mama provides freedom to frolic and splash The proud mama provides rest and relaxation for her chicks as she watches over them The proud mama keeps her eye out for scoundrels that may be lurking in…

My Mourning Dove

Did you know? The coo of a dove is one of the most familiar bird sounds. We have all probably heard it at some point. The mourning dove, like every other species of dove, has its own unique coo sound. The low sound of the mourning dove’s coo was said to sound sad, so people said that…

Happy Wednesday!

Don’t be so focused on the weekend that you can’t see the joy in today 💚

Northern Cardinal

Red is the ultimate cure for sadness. ~ Bill Blass Go. Conquer your week!

Evening walk

Recently we discovered the little lake down the road was again filled with water. It’s in a nature preserve area that has been “under construction” for the past two years. Because the reeds and grasses grew up and overtook the little lake, it has been dry for several months. They dug out and removed all…