Night visitors 🦇🦇

Yes! We have bats visiting our hummingbird feeder. Not only do we have hummingbirds, finches, orioles and woodpeckers at our lovely feeding station, we can now add bats to the visitor’s list! I’m sure we’ve had them visit in the past, but we have not kept our feeder filled each night to entice them back….

Desert life

Besides the green that is everywhere (most noticeable to those of us who know this isn’t normal), our desert is filled with butterflies! Oh, and they are beautiful! Add to that the thousands of caterpillars clamoring to sticks, twigs, and cactus thorns! This morning on my desert hike I felt serenity in a rare desert…

Just add water 💦

Challenged with winds and clouds, I trekked to the wash in search of flowers tonight after work. I have learned that virtually anything that sprouts here, produces flowers. We have beautiful weeds! Although my photos are not vivid and bright, I successfully discovered the tiny flower blossoms lining our sandy wash areas. For me, this…

We need a “❤” button

Don’t you think this sweet little bunny with the torn ear needs some love? “No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.” ~ Maya Angelou

What am I?

I found this beautiful creature Saturday morning. I’ve yet to determine what he/she is. I assume he/she is part of the dragonfly family. Any thoughts? I didn’t even realize he/she was in this photo until I looked on my computer. I believe this is a damselfly on the top of the plant. So tiny I…