Recent Bird Photos

Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly- Photo Challenge for this week is birds we’ve seen in the past two weeks. I’ve got a few bird photos I’d love to post and I think this is the perfect opportunity. Although I’ve still been getting out there, I’ve been a bit sluggish as I recuperate from recent dental surgery….

Bird Weekly- Photo Challenge -Brown feathered friends

Lisa challenges us this week on her post here, looking for birds with brown feathers. Here is another newly discovered bird for me, this cute little Ruddy Duck! The colorful one would be the male, and the pretty brown one would be his little female friend. This sweet little bird below is a White-crowned…

Little bits of nature

When nature doesn’t present itself boldlyyou must seek it out 遲布遲布遲布遲布遲布遲布

Need a smile?

I thought this cute pelican might brighten your day Natures prime favorites were the Pelicans; High-fed, long-lived, and sociable and free.~James Montgomery “A lot of guys like to go to the beach and bring a crowd, but not me. I like to be alone and out there with a couple of pelicans.” ~ Robert…

Lens-Artists Challenge #129 Favorite Images of 2020

In response to Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge, I considered what to post. This one is tough because I’ve spent a lot of time this past year roaming nearby parks, paths, neighborhoods and a few hiking areas, camera in hand. Ironically, in 2019 we had wonderful rains that created unbelievable spring flowers in 2020. Although I had…