Colors of Calm

Sit back, relax, unwind. Your weekend is about to begin…  

The Heart of Easter

May the PEACE of Easter May the HOPE of Easter May the JOY of Easter May the LOVE of Easter May the LIGHT of Easter May the LIFE of Easter May the REDEMPTION of Easter Bless you today and for ETERNITY ♥♥♥

Is Siesta Beach #1?

That’s what the sign says.  And according to their website, they continuously make it to the top of the list for best beaches in the US, and receive high marks by travelers worldwide. So when we were in the area recently, we were encouraged to go and see the beach.  Since one of my sole…

Morning Commute – Talking to God

I currently have a lengthy commute to work each morning. It is early, and a beautiful drive. Do you ever talk to God, like he was sitting next to you? A passenger along for the ride? (because he is, you know) I find my morning commute is the perfect time to tell God what is…

Raindrop Reflections

Raindrops and morning mist. Reflections of each other, reflections of ourselves. Silence all around, listening to the droplets fall. Cool, damp, clean. Refreshing. Peaceful. Glorious!