Calm Peaceful Untroubled Tranquility

What am I?

Yeah, am I some kind of bee? I thought bees were black and yellow, not black and white. I was just hanging out on this cactus, taking a little rest.  This crazy photo lady came around and started getting in my face! Her and that camera lens.  What’s up with that? She seemed to be a…

My Little Jumper

This morning while haphazardly snapping photos around a large plant outside our house, I saw this little jumper through my camera lens. I have captured a little jumping spider (see post here) a couple of times before.  I didn’t even realize it until I looked at the photos on my computer.  They are that tiny….

Up before the sun

Yes, I headed out for another photo walk this morning.  It was crazy hot, already above 80 degrees before 6:00 am.  And for us, humid.  I guess that will help me really appreciate fall when it arrives. Although the sun came up and shined beautifully for a few moments, it hit clouds and throughout my…