Holy Macros

Sunday morning out with nature and God, seeing creation close up.Sunday Blessings! 🙏🏻

What am I?

Yeah, am I some kind of bee? I thought bees were black and yellow, not black and white. I was just hanging out on this cactus, taking a little rest.  This crazy photo lady came around and started getting in my face! Her and that camera lens.  What’s up with that? She seemed to be a…

Creatures Among Us

This morning me and my camera went on a 4.8 mile walk that took almost three hours.  We walked up a road we had not visited in quite some time. Sometimes you find things you can only see through your camera lens. Crazy!

Well, Hello There!

What a surprise to find this little fellow when I zoomed in on this photo!He appears to be right in the light to pop out against this cactus flower. The flower petals were not even open yet, so early in the morning. I was not sure what he was. I posted this photo on Facebook…

Good Morning Sunshine

It’s Monsoon Season in the desert. Waiting Hoping Praying for rain The landscapes are dry Flowers are few Only a true desert lover can see the beauty As I walk down the path this morning at dawn, camera in hand, I am on a scavenger hunt for photo jewels that bring out the beauty hidden…