Hummingbird at dawn

Early morning walk The start of my weekend escape The first of many moments that calmed my spirit

Take it slow

If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads. ~Anatole France

Lens Artists: Light and Shadow

Patti’s Lens-Artist’s challenge reminds us of how light and shadow work together in our photos. I love the early morning at my nearby lake. I think this little duckling is just perfect for this challenge. The early sun highlights his soft feathers. I also love how the water rings and the light sparkles around him….

A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunrise

After seeing Nancy’s post here for the Photo A Week Challenge, I got inspired to post a few of my summer morning walk sunrise photos. Every workday during the summer, I got up before sunrise to do my daily walk. I didn’t realize the treat I would be blessed with each day as I watched…


Calm Peaceful Untroubled Tranquility