Lens Artists: Light and Shadow

Patti’s Lens-Artist’s challenge reminds us of how light and shadow work together in our photos. I love the early morning at my nearby lake. I think this little duckling is just perfect for this challenge. The early sun highlights his soft feathers. I also love how the water rings and the light sparkles around him….

A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunrise

After seeing Nancy’s post here for the Photo A Week Challenge, I got inspired to post a few of my summer morning walk sunrise photos. Every workday during the summer, I got up before sunrise to do my daily walk. I didn’t realize the treat I would be blessed with each day as I watched…


Calm Peaceful Untroubled Tranquility

What am I?

I found this beautiful creature Saturday morning. I’ve yet to determine what he/she is. I assume he/she is part of the dragonfly family. Any thoughts? I didn’t even realize he/she was in this photo until I looked on my computer. I believe this is a damselfly on the top of the plant. So tiny I…