Vacation Anticipation

We’ve all hear the phrase “Anticipation is half the fun”. I don’t know where that came from, but I believe it’s true. As we plan for an upcoming adventure, I’m researching activities, the surrounding areas, the weather, and of course the food! I’ve got my handy and very extensive packing checklist so hopefully I don’t…

Beachy Rain

The clouds on the horizon warn of rain to come.  Bring it on.  We will not let the liquid pouring from the sky effect the joy we feel in this beautiful tropical paradise!  We know this will pass and the sun will return.  So instead, we sit back, eat lunch, and enjoy ♥♥♥    

Early Morning Adventure Park Silence

Unusual stillness. Peace. Silence. The beauty of the early morning sun.  Anticipation of the adventures and excitement to come! Happiness and joy!

Reservations for two, please

Fun and adventure can be spontaneous, or it can be well planned.  I tend to be the planner.  The researcher.  The organizer. But bring an attitude and your walking shoes, and an adventure is guaranteed! My first super exciting adventure wore us out. I neglected to plan “down” time.  We discovered if you bike down…