My Little Jumper

This morning while haphazardly snapping photos around a large plant outside our house, I saw this little jumper through my camera lens. I have captured a little jumping spider (see post here) a couple of times before.  I didn’t even realize it until I looked at the photos on my computer.  They are that tiny….

Well, Hello There!

What a surprise to find this little fellow when I zoomed in on this photo!He appears to be right in the light to pop out against this cactus flower. The flower petals were not even open yet, so early in the morning. I was not sure what he was. I posted this photo on Facebook…

Creepy or Cool?

I almost walked by Mr. Spider on my walk Saturday morning. The sun put a spotlight on an awesome photo opportunity, so I took it. Even though it gave me a few heebie-jeebies getting so up close and personal with Mr. Spider. My submission for Sunshine’s Macro Monday!