Blessed with rain

Although it was not a lot, we were blessed with rain showers one evening last week. As I did my morning walk the next morning, I realized the sun was shining through our Texas Rosebush bringing out the shimmer in the rain drops. I took time out of my morning to capture a few photos….

Just add water 💦

Challenged with winds and clouds, I trekked to the wash in search of flowers tonight after work. I have learned that virtually anything that sprouts here, produces flowers. We have beautiful weeds! Although my photos are not vivid and bright, I successfully discovered the tiny flower blossoms lining our sandy wash areas. For me, this…

Simple Nature

Rain! Yes, over the past couple of weeks we have had rain, rain, rain! So much, in fact, that July will go on record as the wettest month in the history of tracking! Washes are running and the ground is soaking it all up. Tiny things are growing and flowers are blooming in unexpected places….