Spotless Lady Beetle

The little red ladybug who has no spots! Ladybugs are also known as ladybirds in Great Britain and other parts of the English-speaking world. Entomologists prefer the names ladybird beetles or lady beetles as these insects are not classified as true bugs. (Wikipedia) 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞

Narrow-striped Forceptail

Yesterday I saw this beautiful dragonfly on my walk at our local wetlands, a city run water reclamation park. I’ve identified about sixteen so far and discovered this is a new-to-me dragonfly discovery. I was glad the sun came out to shine on this beautiful guy! The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something…

Have you ever seen a Bee Fly?

This little cutie is classified a Lordotus, a genus of bee flies. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well now you have 😊 I discovered him through my camera lens on my morning exploration. He is so soft and fuzzy looking, I just fell in love with him. 💛🐝💛 Any glimpse into the…

We connected

He saw meI saw himI reached out to himHe didn’t fly awayFor a moment I thought he might rest in my hand 💚💚💚💚💚 He followed me as if to say“You are welcome here in my world”