Reflections of a beautiful day

Having a few days off this week, we decided to head out to a park on the other side of town that we have not visited. Although it was small, it was beautiful, and worth the drive. A great way to start the week! Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees…


Reflection:  Consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purposeThe production of an image by or as if by a mirror An effect produced by an influence(Merriam-Webster) Reflect on what is good so you will reflect good to others 💚

Reflections: cool birds 😎

Yesterday morning I went back to our wetlands park for the first time since they removed some of the dried reeds to open up the water areas. Not only did I discover some new birds, but I captured some beautiful reflections perfect for Lisa Coleman’s Bird Week Challenge: Reflection of Birds. I also discovered I…

A day for reflection

“When the act of reflection takes place in the mind, when we look at ourselves in the light of thought, we discover that our life is embosomed in beauty.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday Blessings

May your heart be full of thanksgivingMay you feel blessed and joyfulMay you reflect positively to others in the coming week🙏🏻 Posted for Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly Challenge Birds in Color and MonoThank you Lisa for a few WordPress blogging tips! 😊