Destination: Discovery -Point Arena, CA

We headed down the steep incline.  This was the direction we were given. I was sure we took the correct turn.  He said it will look like you are going to drive off the pier, and he was right.  This is one of those cases where the GPS was not helpful.  We were there, but we weren’t.  We kept going.  Low and behold, at the water’s edge, appeared a narrow road up the hill, and at the top, our destination!

Wharf Master’s Inn, Point Arena, CA.




Before we arrived, we had been driving down Highway 1, on the Northern California coast.  We had visited the Trees of Mystery that morning (see post here) and experienced a crazy twisty-turning drive through the Redwood Forest. We had not determined a final destination for the night, knowing we would want to make a few stops along the way.  However, because of the length of this two week road-trip, I had mapped out some general locations to help keep us on track.

The cell phone service was sketchy along Highway 1, and in some areas not existent.  Being so far from a major town, this part of the trip felt extremely isolated.  The weather was a bit overcast, but beautiful.  New scenery and unfamiliar territory was fun and exciting to explore.  It was late afternoon, and we wanted to find a place to stay for the night.

So far we’d had positive experiences with the hotels we had chosen.  It’s amazing how beneficial the on-line reviews can be.  I had purchased a book before we left called Pacific Coast Highway, road trip guide (2nd edition) that proved to be very beneficial on this trip.  I pulled up hotels in the area on my phone, and also checked the guide.  A hotel caught my eye.  I was able to give them a call, and they had a room available.

This this it moment of decision.  We knew very little about the place, the cost is slightly more than we were hoping to pay, we do not know the area, or what lies ahead.  Do we go for it?  Yes!

We arrived, and the gentleman at the front desk was friendly.  we got our key, and directions to the room. The lobby was beautiful, had information as well as wine and beverages for purchase to make your stay more enjoyable.

We made our way down, and entered the beautiful room.

This was one of those times where we felt swept away.  The word quaint comes to mind, but doesn’t seem sufficient.  This place was quiet, romantic, relaxing, and pampering.




We settled in and then headed back down the hill for dinner.  In this secluded cove, we were able to wander down to a little pier and enjoy the fading sunlight before walking over to the restaurant for dinner.




We enjoyed a delicious and relaxing dinner.  We enjoyed each other’s company and discussed the day.  It was time to relax, and focus one one another. It was a lovely and refreshing walk back up the hill to our room.

The air was chilly outside.  The fireplace warm and relaxing.  A perfect place to reflect on the day and appreciate being with one you love.  The room, the food, the walk, the water, the peaceful quietness, all made for a fantastic ending to a wonderful day full of exploring, fresh air, and enchanting discoveries.


The next morning, we enjoyed a simple continental breakfast.  After a short walk around the area, we packed up and headed on our way.


Although our stay was brief, it was beautiful, secluded and inviting.  We would have loved to spend more time, explore more of the area. So many discoveries await!


Would we recommend Wharf Mater’s Inn? Absolutely!  Will we ever return? Perhaps to Point Arena, but most likely we’d choose to experience another unique and inviting hotel or inn.  There are so many charming communities along our beautiful ocean.  I hope we get the opportunity to experience more of what they have to offer those of us wandering through.


Travel is a new experience that can transport you out of your everyday routine to create memories with the ones you love.
-Brian Chesky








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