Dragonfly for breakfast?

Yes, this morning I snapped a few photos of this little warbler, then realized he had snatched a dragonfly for his morning snack. There were dragonflies all over the park. I love dragonflies and found it fascinating to see one in this little guy’s mouth.

I saw another bird with a dragonfly in his beak as well, but the photo didn’t come out real clear. These photos were my “catch” of the day 😊

According to my iNaturalist app, he is a Common Yellowthroat, a New World Warbler

“As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing.”
~ John Muir

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Oooh! Who’d be a dragonfly? They’re so pretty 😦 Life and death, hey!

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    1. Yip, the circle of life. Birds and dragonflies, both beautiful! 😊

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  2. Just Teri says:

    It’s the little moments in nature that remind me that life truly is a miracle. ❤️🙏🌻

    It’s true your beautiful photo shows the simplicity of the circle of life. Not ugly or unfair or overly complicated and controlled. Nature reminds me that life simply IS living ❤️🤗

    Great quotes 😍


    1. Thank you Teri! With all the dragonflies I’ve photographed the past year, this is the first I’ve seen in bird beaks! And I’ve seen three now!

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      1. Just Teri says:

        I must admit to catch that live, I’d have been a little giddy and have to hold my celebration back 😂😂🥳

        I’m SO jealous this preserve is right at your fingertips (and happy for you how you connect with it) and always grateful for what you share 😘

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