Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98 – Delicate Colours

In response to the Lens-Artists Challenge-Delicate Colours, I decided to post the variety of dragonfly photos I shot this morning on my walk. With the grasses as background, it creates soft colors that compliment the delicate dragonflies. I think the details of these fascinating creatures are so beautiful!

Sunshine’s Sparkle

Today Spread your wings Let the sun shine through you and bring out your colors Bring your HAPPY and ✨✨✨ Sparkle! Sparkle: to give off or reflect bright moving points of light, to perform brilliantly (Merriam-Webster) Posted for Sunshine’s Macro Monday

Sunshine’s Macro Monday:

When we visited our water reclamation wetlands on Sunday morning, we discovered the area was teaming with beautiful dragonflies!  According to a fellow photographer (he had cool camera equipment and appeared to be very knowledgeable) there were 17 species of dragonflies there at the wetlands. Below is my favorite dragonfly photo, thanks to my husband…

Hello Little Dragonfly

I chased this little friend around my lantana plant Saturday.  It fascinated me that he would fly up, and then back down to the exact same location, repeatedly.  It was fun to hang out with him for a while 😊🧡 My post for Sunshine’s Macro Monday If you are old and you wish to be…