Tread Carefully…

It is rattlesnake season.  The temperature is warming up and they are coming out of hibernation.  Although a rattlesnake is not something you want see in your yard, or near your home, in nature they are beautiful and magnificent.  They are a creature that does not seek conflict, but instead prefers to be left alone.  They have their place and should be appreciated for who they are.

This morning when I heard the subtle rattle as we hiked in the nearby desert, I was mesmerized by the quiet and majestic presence of this peaceful and beautiful desert animal.  I snapped a few photos, and we headed on our way,  careful to be aware of our surroundings and to appreciate the wildlife around us.

Nature is awesome!





“The creator and arbiter of beauty is the heart; to the male rattlesnake the female rattlesnake is the loveliest thing in nature.” ~ Ambrose Bierce



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  1. Naomi says:

    I’m sure glad you were safe…he must not have felt threatened. These are amazing photos!

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    1. Thank you!! He was pretty cool 😎


  2. lolaWi says:

    amazing photos, Lisa. i’d be dead scared 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I may have been more scared if my husband wasn’t nearby. He wasn’t coiling up to strike, or rattling, so we just watched him slither under the rocks 🙂

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