Sunset walk around the lake

I have a few days off work, and I finally visited my nearby lake at sunset yesterday. In fact, I even visited again today and brought my husband. Just as beautiful, but a much cooler chill in the air. We still made it around the lake (about a one mile walk) but I didn’t hang out with the birds as long tonight.

Below are a few photos that show the loveliness of the lake at sunset.

A little sun, a little water, a few birds and a smile 😊

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  1. Danelle Kelly says:

    So lovely! love your photographs and narrative.

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    1. Thank you Danelle! 🤗 I especially love the water areas.


  2. Just Teri says:

    Sharing a peaceful “sigh” as a result of your photos❣️🤗

    Hope your days off we’re refreshing!

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    1. Thank you Teri! It’s been a nice week off! Relaxing!

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  3. blackie1957 says:

    Beautiful looks like Paradise to me.

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    1. Thank you, it is beautiful. And to think I didn’t realize it was right down the road until I really needed more outdoor spaces. I have visited many times this year.


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